Latest Wedding Trends 2023

Latest Wedding Trends 2023

Weddings today have become a grand event rather than a private celebration amongst the folks from venue selection to discussion of every detail, related to it. Where every detail matters from photography to attire to make up to customized Kaleeras, extravanza entertainment is what that a wedding planner brings forth for weddings that are in trend.



Photography styles are heavily influenced by trends. Back in the birth age of Pinterest, everyone loved the look of grey-toned photos with cinematic and unconventional angles. However, now collectively looking for black and white as well as picturesque shots that are not posed and framed but given different treatment it. Photographers nowadays are focusing on “bright and airy”, photographers have shifted their working style towards the individuality of the couple wherein they set them free and guide them in expressing their personalities through pictures. They capture them with minimum directions and interruptions and exaggerate it to perfection of their individual attributes.


Day Time Pre and Post Wedding shoots remain In- Vogue

If there's one thing we've learnt in the past few years, it's that couples love pre-wedding shoots (even if they slyly deny it). Similarly, Post-wedding shoots have also become quite popular these days. However, no one wants to get shot indoors anymore. This gives them an opportunity to utilise various special locations in their cities like monuments and historical sites as the backdrop while getting gorgeous shots clicked in natural light.


Homegrown Bridalwear Brands To Take Center Stage

Bollywood can be called the reason of increasing craze of Designer pieces worn by celebrities but Delhi designers have given a tough competition to it ,While names like Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra have become household names when it comes to bridalwear, they're not as affordable as we'd love them too. The end of 2022 saw a sudden rise in the popularity of homegrown, smaller labels that have a wider reach. And we're expecting this trend to trickle into 2023 with much finesse. From fresh labels to Hidden Gems, brides are moving towards labels and designers that capture their essence while staying within their budget.


Neutral, Earthy Tones To Dominate Bridal Lehengas

Yes, reds and pinks are the ultimate love. However, we've witnessed a spike in the number of brides going for more earthy and neutral colours for their bridal lehengas. From deep red-browns to burnt oranges, sage greens, golds and even sap greens and purples, the love for such earthy tones for bridal lehengas is growing. And in 2023, we're definitely keeping our fingers crossed for more brides to embrace these unique colours.

Playful Prints For Pre-Weddings

From floral lehengas to ones with geometric patterns & chevrons, there's so much you can experiment with! Plus, the highest selling point is that these beauties allow you to frolic about freely & enjoy your celebrations to the fullest.

Destination Weddings Are On Once Again!

With people now taking off to every part of the globe post-COVID, ‘tis the season for the wedding brigades to arrive on a jet plane to a larger-than-life wedding set against a backdrop of panoramic views. Now more than ever, couples are wanting to travel to far-off destinations and celebrate their nuptials abroad. People got a taste of intimate weddings during the pandemic and they're now combining destination weddings with an intimate setting. This means, fewer people, more parties and a view to kill for!,Destination weddings are more elaborate as per the budget and location preference of the couple,


Vivid Colours Will Rule 2023 Wedding Decor

A lot of wedding decor designs done previously, especially from 2020 to 2022 were combinations of black, white and beige with modern and simple aesthetics. However, with Pantone declaring Viva Magenta to be the colour of the year, we're positive wedding decor is about to tilt towards bright hues and vivid patterns.

Customised Kaleeres

If you are a bride who swears by their personalities while following traditions, instead of going for normal golden Kaleeras brides are going for Kaleeras that speaks up their personalities. Brides are going for shell kaleeres, customised kaleeres that has birds moons  customised initials and all, wherein brides are focussing on depicting their emotions and personalities through their kaleeras, rather than just a piece of jewellery.

Dewy Makeup with Neutral Colours For Weddings

Bold lips and bold makeup are no longer in trend now a day. With many instagramable makeup artists are coming up with no makeup looks, trending all over social media, wherein brides are going for minimalistic look and statement attire. Dewy skin is in! has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Every celeb and influencer is embracing it and we're honestly, head over heels for it. The fresh, glowing shine of this makeup look has a dreamy appeal to it. When paired with neutral colours on the lips and eyes, this entire makeup look looks absolutely ethereal! And brides of 2023 are surely gonna embrace it without a hitch

Minimal is the new bold, wherein brides are choosing less makeup for their “D day”



Reception Entertainment To Make A Debut

The days of just DJs may be behind us, people. Couples have now begun hiring unique and interactive entertainment acts like fire dancers, aerialists, Sufi singers and live bands. In fact, famous singers have often seen headlining weddings of close friends and celebrities! Such entertainment turns your reception into a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your guests to experience!


Eco Friendly Wedding Favours

New age Couples are steadily shifting towards eco-friendly wedding favours without harming the environment , People are coming up with interesting labelled bags with eco-friendly materials like jute bag, cloth bag, that seems quirky and nature friendly at the same time.

Shifting to a traditionally way of gifting a jar of pure ghee ladoos customised in jar, Some choose lucky plants, like bamboo and money plant. Customised nature friendly vegan soaps. Plant saplings with names of the guests present at the wedding.



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