So! You have finally found the partner you always wished for, Now its time to shine bright for the D day, because you are the star of the wedding day. In order to be the best version of you on your special day, mental and physical attributes need to be brushed upon. Weddings can be crazy rides, wild, glamorous, simple, elegant, emotional and traditional but one thing that remains unchanged no matter what the situation arrives whether it a hectic ritual schedule, heavy attires, high heels or the dotting eyes of the guests all over the place, Bride needs to outshine at any cost as amidst the whole chaos, At the end of the day one should be prepared for the best for forever memories. Here are a few tips be it health and beauty that can be taken care of to help ease things out for the “D Day” Health is the first and foremost priority to be completely up and about and fully charged up for your celebrations.



It’s always better to get in touch with the dermatologist for the day when you will be the most photographed and you will be in the limelight, skin experts will examine your skin and help make it flawless, through lasers, skin peels and other laser sessions that will help get the best version of your skin. Beautiful skin is mandatory for brides.



It is rightly said what you eat that’s what you be, Its very important to eat right before the  “D day” in order for the body to function properly. The body needs to fuel up right to be the best charged up version of you. It’s better to go get your regime and diet right with the dietician or nutritionist as to have the whole day planned  for what to eat and what to avoid, wherin the experts will guide you to feed with detoxifying and energising food items as per your body demands and nutrition deficit, because right food does not only gives the energy but the glow from within. Some points like avoiding oily food, taking supplements if needed, taking more of greens, fibre rich food, more fluids avoiding sugar etc will help attain the goal.. Customised diet can also be taken for target based goals on the scales. Hire a specialist at least 4 – 5 months before the wedding. If diet is 70 in the ratio 30 is for any sort of fitness regime exercise etc to attain the complete goal. Crash diet should be avoided rather a nutrition watch should be kept.



Fit and toned body is every bride’s dream to look fab in their chosen outfits, but some things needs to be taken care of You can adapt exercises in order to tone up the body and ensure proper mobility of overall body. Sign up to a gym near you, Practice yoga or join any fitness class atleast three months before the wedding, A fitness regime will help build stamina along with getting in shape for all the hustle and bustle of back to back wedding functions. Gymming and exercising will not only make you sweat but help you get the healthy glow, as sweating out is good for skin as well. But make sure to take adequate amount of fluids fruits and water.



Beauticians now, are experienced  to are well experienced in all the beauty regimes massage de-clog pores and practice extractions, which involves patiently removing dirt from the deeper layers of your skin in multiple sittings. Apart from home beauty day and night routines  for brides, monthly facials or bridal facials will keep your skin supple and pink right till the day of your wedding.




Along with following all water intake, home based day and routine should be taken care of, as cleansing , toning and moisturising should be the mantra check for dry-skin atches at places you’d rather ignore, like the elbows and cracked-heels. Include bath salts in your shower as it will improve moisture-absorbing tendencies of your skin, making it baby-soft. Use good products months before the wedding, take good care of your skin and hair. Hydrate your lips and skin at night, drink water before sleeping and after getting up to flush out all the toxins. Follow indian beauty regimes once a week, applying home based ubtans. Take frequent spas.



Mental health is equally important for you as a bride to handle all the stress, market rounds, family discussions, etc. Go for long walks, spend time with your family and friends, and above all try to remain happy and peaceful for the most awaited day of your life. Try doing meditation and practicing yoga, also do what you enjoy and try to smile throughout.. because at the end of the, this is what matters.


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